Tom Thomson (Influence and Connection)

Tom Thomson ( was an influential Canadian artist of the early 20th century. I discovered Tom in art school and strongly connected to his style, process and what I believe was his connection to wild lands. In the early 20th century, he would regularly go out into the  Algonquin Park in central Ontario, Canada […]

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An Attraction to Water

Have you noticed how often water is an attraction? I have noticed this in my paintings and I am very aware of the frequency in my paintings. Sometimes, I try to avoid it but most likely, I will go back to water being present in my paintings. Why is this so? I think there […]

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Earth and Mind: A Bilateral Balance

Artists and those that appreciate art may find themselves choosing or balancing their art aesthetic between a representational world or one that is more abstract. As an artist, I have been exploring this world through a metaphor of “Earth and Mind”. Earth represents the physical world with the natural forms and colors seen by […]

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Alvord Desert Expedition

Painting the landscape creates space. Looking at a natural landscape which is void of human presence could create a space that is empty of modern human development and thus a space that is cleared of our everyday thoughts. This space may be interpreted by a viewer as a place in the past, present, future […]

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