Painting the landscape creates space. Looking at a natural landscape which is void of human presence could create a space that is empty of modern human development and thus a space that is cleared of our everyday thoughts. This space may be interpreted by a viewer as a place in the past, present, future or just a refreshing new place. Maybe a place where our experiences have been re-set and now can be re-built. Or, maybe a space where we re-invent and fantasize a new place based on our experiences. This could also be a place where we get connected to life on a more fundamental level.
My painting process starts with painting on location: “en plein air”. While this been a long standing tradition for a long legacy of artists with the main intention being able to see and observed nature directly and accurately. I too, follow this approach, somewhat, yet I have a higher priority. This higher priority is to experience the place. Regardless of what I observe, I believe the experience is a gateway to the universe.