Have you noticed how often water is an attraction? I have noticed this in my paintings and I am very aware of the frequency in my paintings. Sometimes, I try to avoid it but most likely, I will go back to water being present in my paintings. Why is this so? I think there are philosophical and practical reasons. From a philosophical or even metaphysical point of view, water is an alluriNehalem-River_Hwy531-630x494ng “life force” It is thought that water is a connection to our ancestors. Artists, like myself, are looking to connect with natural life forces and rhythms, I find this in water. I know am attracted to it easily is all its forms from the clouds in the sky to thunder of surf. Water is essential to life, we need water to survive. The presence of water connects with humans at deeper level. On the practical side, a visual artist is always striving to create interesting compositions. Water ways such as rivers and creeks provide an appealing avenue for the eye to follow within the landscape. Large bodies of water can provide a calming sense, an area where the eye can rest when other forms can be busy. And last, water has amazing optical properties. It is reflective, yet translucent. It can take on many different colors from (crystal clear, muddy brown to emerald blue-green) and its adherence to aerial perspective is more complex, causing foreground to go light and background darker or at least it dampers the physics. Explore for yourself how you are connected to water.